The Beginning

Welcome to my very own corner of the internet! 

I, am Kay.  A Pennsylvania student studying biology and chemistry.  Passion for the global water crisis has brought me here.  I began running a year and a half ago and it has become a love of mine.  

Every time school gets tough, or something feels wrong, I remember the time I spent in rural Honduras, walking hand-in-hand with a young girl as we visited every store in the village in search of water.  And found none.

My dream to create sustainable solutions for clean water in every area of the world drives me to be the best I can be and take full advantage of every opportunity I am given.  Because I am a lucky one.  A part of the fortunate minority in this world that has a surplus of clean, healthy water surrounding me each and every day. 

Water is a basic human right, help me ensure this for the billions of people without. 


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