Weekend Getaway

Last weekend I went on a short getaway for the change of scenery that I always yearn for after being in one spot for a while.


road trip with nice enough weather to open the sun roof

Yes, it’s only been 2 months since I was traveling but hey.. I knew no one was going to be around this weekend so I figured I might as well go hangout with my parents!

image 8

And we went to the shore. It was so nice out!

beach view

beach view

Sunday my mom made us a homemade pancake breakfast

homemade pancakes

homemade pancakes + coffee

Then headed over to Mom’s Organic Market where we used a Groupon to get a sweet discount deal!  This store was perfect for me (too bad I don’t live in this area or have one where I live).  It’s small so easy to maneuver, quick to get in and out, and it has EVERYTHING I love.

heaven for nut butter lovers

heaven for nut butter lovers


dried bananas!

dried bananas!

and a bulk section with dried fruits and nuts.. including these crazy things I never knew existed! Of course I had to get the whole dried bananas and let me tell you.. THEY WERE AMAZING. I’m getting more next time I’m in the area.

and of course a major highlight of being in this area is:

WAWA! (don't worry I was parked)

WAWA! (don’t worry I was parked)

WAWA! So good and kind of nostalgic for me.. I used to always get wawa coffee with my mom or my best friend in high school



1) How was your weekend!?

2) Do you feel the need to travel and change scenery often?

3) Any foods/drinks cause nostalgia for you!? What’s the story?


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