Training Week 5 Recap & some recovery chitchat

Sunday- Rest

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- Speed: 1 mile warm up + 4 laps + 6 straightaways + jog home = 4 miles

Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- 4 miles

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 14.4 miles

My long run was supposed to be 16 but I just could not.  It was a hard run and I don’t know if I was in my head or just physically not ready for 16.. but I tried and just realized if I kept pushing I risk injury/ not recovering well and that’s not worth hitting today’s goal in the long term for this marathon. Also, I should note that this was attempting a 3 mile increase in distance from 13 last week to 16 this week which is more than I usually do, I increase my long distance runs 1-2 miles a week. The last time I ran 16+ miles was… last August.

Next weekend, I’m going for 16! And I’ll be on a trail in Boston which apparently has water fountains along it 🙂  I’m excited to run in a new place because I’m getting pretty tired of my usual routes.

After I showered, got dressed, and sat down long enough for my legs to work again (like over an hour) I headed out to grocery shop as I was completely out of food and didn’t have anything to make for lunch. And I was super hungry.

On my way to the store, I stopped at Sheetz for this delicious breakfast sandwich, god biscuits are good. I also got a TOASTED MARSHMALLOW iced coffee. Sheetz has the best flavors.  marshmallow and cake batter. jeeze.

photo 1


Later in the afternoon I iced my knees as I wore my new compression sleeves!! I bought the PROcompression grab bag the other day and it just came in on Friday! I got grey, black, and orange sleeves in it and I like them all.  I have one pair of compression socks I’ve been using for the past year and I actually like the sleeves a lot better.  This way no one knows I’m a freak… they hide perfectly beneath yoga pants. The socks I have are VERY purple so it’s quite obvious when I’m wearing them with Sperry’s or even sneakers.

So in this picture you may notice my legs are elevated on my foam roller.. this is because I read an article the other day saying that compression, icing, and elevation are the best for recovery.  I was really beat up yesterday so I tried to do my best at healing my legs!!

photo 2

xoxo Kay


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