Workout Recap November 1st

hey hey, I’m back in the game again 😉

I’d like to start writing more, and I’m starting to take my workouts a little more serious so I can increase my mileage and strength!!

This week:

Sunday: off.. don’t even remember what I did this day tbh

Monday: GYM

Go to the gym reeal early this time, because I wanted to get a good workout before my first class in the AM and didn’t want to feel rushed.  Again, treadmill/elliptical for 30 mins + strength

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Gymed it up nice and early!

I got into the gym at usual early hour to get it done with before going in to school to work and study.  Honestly, don’t remember what I did, but I would guess I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, then did the usual strength workout (as described below)

Thursday: Off.

Wanted to get in a run this day, but just couldn’t make the time between classes, my Skype date, and an internship information session.

Friday: 3 miles!

My first run of the week. I still feel really out of shape, but I’m earning getting back into it for sure 🙂 I run down along the harbor, then walk or take the bus back home.  It’s crazy how hard 3 miles is when you’re first starting!! I used to run 6 miles on an easy day! Really makes me appreciate all the work and fitness that goes into it though!

Saturday:  Strength

After studying all morning, I came home to workout before cooking some food.  I warmed up quickly on the bicycle while watching Million-Dollar Listing (lol) then did my usual shoulder workouts (at 55 and 45 lb) followed by leg presses (up to 105 lbs now :)) and then arm presses (at 30 and 20 lbs)


So, I’m aiming to run about twice a week from here on out.. and hoping to gradually increase my mileage every week or every other week, but we’ll see how my body responds! And keep my gym strength training to about 3 times a week! again, pushing myself for higher weights as apparently thats when you start seeing some gains 😉

Enjoy the Sunday!!


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