Hey hey ya’ll (yes I know I’m just talking to myself here) !
I’m ready to get more serious about running again, and so I’m back on the blog scene to put some pressure on myself 🙂

Here’s a life update since my last post:
1) I graduated from University
2) I got accepted to my dream Graduate School (I start in September 🙂 where I’ll be studying Global Disease Epidemiology and one step closer to working on International health challenges (& more water projects!!)
3) I lived & traveled in Colombia for 3 months, while doing research on drinking water quality & access in rural communities being affected by climate change and industrialisation in the area
4) I started dating IR
5) I moved to Switzerland for the summer to be with IR

there ya go, all caught up!
Keep your eyes open for my training recaps 🙂




Head over to Empowered.org to check out Global Brigades and donate to the World Water day Fund! 

This is the excerpt from their website:

Fundraising Campaign Description:
On World Water Day, we celebrate the importance of water in our daily lives. We need it to hydrate, to cook, to clean, and to bathe. Yet, thousands of people living in rural Honduras lack access to an adequate supply of clean water. Many must survive on only three gallons of water per day and often need to lug this precious resource for several kilometers just to have it in their homes.

The Global Brigades Water Program thus works to build sustainable water systems in rural Honduras. The Water Team, student volunteers, and community members work together to dig trenches, lay piping, and build systems connecting each family with an adequate supply of clean water.

To celebrate World Water Day, please support Global Brigades in the construction of water systems in rural Honduras. All donations will be directed towards the construction of a water system designed to provide a Honduran community with an adequate supply of clean water to meet their health and sanitation needs.”