Hey hey ya’ll (yes I know I’m just talking to myself here) !
I’m ready to get more serious about running again, and so I’m back on the blog scene to put some pressure on myself 🙂

Here’s a life update since my last post:
1) I graduated from University
2) I got accepted to my dream Graduate School (I start in September 🙂 where I’ll be studying Global Disease Epidemiology and one step closer to working on International health challenges (& more water projects!!)
3) I lived & traveled in Colombia for 3 months, while doing research on drinking water quality & access in rural communities being affected by climate change and industrialisation in the area
4) I started dating IR
5) I moved to Switzerland for the summer to be with IR

there ya go, all caught up!
Keep your eyes open for my training recaps 🙂



Training week 1 recap: June 22-28

Sunday- 6 miles

Monday- off

Tuesday- 4 miles

Wednesday- off

Thursday- 4 miles

Friday- off

Saturday- 10 miles

* I planned to do 9 on saturday but I just really wanted to get to 10 to prove something to myself? I weirdly have no self control in regards to distance, I’ll run super slow for so long to just hit distance marks. I need to start doing speed work cause man am I slow right now

Workout Recap Wrapping up February

SO I didn’t follow through on this.. There was a lot of snow and ice this month that prevented me from getting out to run.   And honestly I love recapping my runs but not so much cycling classes.  I spent last week getting trained on something new in the lab which took a ton of time and cut into my morning run time also.  But the weather is warming up and the snow is melting so I should be able to get out at least 1-2 times a week from now forward! Which combined with 2-3 days of cycling is fine with me! I did keep up with going to Cycling every Tuesday and Thursday!

I've been spending a lot of time with these bikes

I’ve been spending a lot of time with these bikes

Workout Recap Week of Feb 2nd

Workout Recap Week of Feb 2nd:

Sun- 4 miles

Mon- rest

Tues- cycling

Weds- cycling (bc snow)

Thurs- cycling

Friday- Elliptical (45 mins)

My goal was to run Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and go to cycling on Tuesday and Thursday for the morning class.  But the snow on Wednesday forced me inside and Friday it was cold and I just wasn’t feeling it.. my calves are pretty sore from 3 days of cycling in a row.. So I took it inside to the gym and ellipticall’ed it up.  I haven’t used an elliptical since… like spring semester of last year? So it wasn’t as easy as I remember! BUT, I can tell I’m getting better at cycling.